Payment Success

Thank you for donating to Safer Virginia. Our supporters include families who have been or are being affected by sexual abuse. Many have personal struggles that demand much of their spare time. To assist you, we publish, distribute email newsletters, correspond with family members, registrants, legislators and government officials and attempt to stay abreast of legislation that relates to registrants.

If you can volunteer time, let us know how you can help. If not, please tell your family and friends about us. 

We hear families complain about new, fear-based restrictions that are enacted nearly every year by the Virginia General Assembly. We work to educate legislators with research-based evidence of where the real threat of sexual abuse exists.

Thank you again for your donation. Our board commits to sound decision making in how your funds are allocated. Please invite your family and friends to subscribe to our eletter. We welcome those who are as passionate as we about strengthening families who have experienced sexual abuse and educating others who want to minimize the risk of it happening to them.