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Collateral Damage

Fearless Groups Pamphlet

Collateral Damage Executive Summary


How Registered Sex Offenders View Registries

Perceptions and Coping With Punishment

Property impacts of a sex offender registry

Public Concern About Collateral Consequences

Sex Offenders on Campus

Women’s Resource List


Adam Walsh Act Compliance in Pennsylvania

CA Residency Restrictions 2014

Community Notification Laws

Eliminate Employer Data – States

Evaluations of Sexual Offender Registries

Failure to Register Predictor of Recidivism 2011

General References

Geographic and Social Movement of Sex Offender Fugitives

Internet Sex Stings References

Internet Sex Stings USDOJ 2007

Misperceptions of Sex Offender Perpetration

New Name Ministries Presentation 2013

Offenders on the Registry at the Time of the Assault

Police Officers’ Perceptions

Public Action Resulting From Community Notification Laws

Public Knowledge and Use of Registries

Public Perception of Social Policies and Impact on Sex Offenders

Registered Sex Offenders in the United States

Residence Restrictions

Residence Restrictions 2005

Residence Restrictions Serve No Purpose 2014

Residence Restrictions TX 2016

Residency Restrictions Schools and Daycares – Levenson

Sexual Abuse and Statistic Misuse: An Analysis of the Static-99R

State Managed Shelter Plan 2017

VSP RD247 120715


Family Experiences of Young Adult Sex Offender Registration

Juvenile Female and Male Sex Offenders

Juvenile Offenders and Sex Offender Registries

Juvenile Sex Offenders

Offenders 2013

Psychology of Juvenile Registry Laws

VSCC Sexting 2009


Attorneys 2020

Ethics in Law Enforcement-Notification Laws

Ex Post Facto VA Constitution

IL People vs Pepitone Feb 2017

IML Complaint Feb 2016

IML Complaint Press Release Feb 2016

IML Defendants’ Opposition Memorandum 2016

IML Dispatch 2016

IML Injunctive Relief Feb 2016

IML Petition to State Dept Sep 2016

International Megans Law

Internet Sex Stings

NCRSOL Bethea Amicus Brief 0918

Restorative Justice Green-Mitchell

SORNA 42 U.S.C. § 16915a 2008


Legislating Internet Publication of Registries


Print Media 2012



Adult Sexual Offenders DOJ 2015

BJS 2005-2010

Research References

The effectiveness of Sex Offender Registration and Notification

WAR Research References


50 State Survey 2010

A Qualitative Assessment of Registered Female Sex Offenders

Analysis of individuals on public sex offender registries

California’s Sex Offender Username Registry

Desire to Extend Registries Beyond Sex Offenses

Do Sex Offender Registries Make Us Less Safe

Eliminate Employment Data VSP Response 2013

Experiences with Registries in Three States

Fear without Function

Lamenting the List

Mental Health Professionals’ Perspectives

NC Registry Awareness and Utilization by Childcare Providers

Registries – A Content Analysis

Relationship Between Registry Utilization and Awareness


Tracking Drives Mass Incarceration Numbers and Cost

United States’ obsession with sex offender registries

What Sex Offender Registries Really Tell Us and Why

Who Accesses the Sex Offender Registries


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